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Caring for topaz jewelry

14.11.2022 15:36

Caring for topaz jewelry

November birthstone one of the hardest in the world. However, this does not make him invulnerable. What's more, it's not just the stone that can damage your topaz jewelry. Proper jewelry care will reduce the risk of damage to the setting and preserve its luster.

Storing topaz jewelry

As with any truly hard stone, it is recommended that you store your topaz jewelry separately from your other jewelry. This way you will not allow the stones to scratch each other and damage the fittings.

Note that hardness makes topaz vulnerable to impact or falling. It is also good to avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high temperatures. Always store your luxury jewelry away from moisture, dust and contaminants.

Important for topaz jewelry

The same rule applies to all high-quality gold and silver jewelry - they should be kept out of contact with cosmetic products and cleaning agents. Perfumes and oils can pile up on the stone and setting. The product residue will collect dust and dirt that will dull the shine of the stone. We always advise our customers to put on their jewelry immediately before leaving their home.

Topaz jewelry cleaning

Routine cleaning can be performed at home. You need warm water, a gentle dish soap and a soft microfiber cloth. Do not use chemicals, ultrasonic or steam cleaners by yourself. It's best to take your highest quality jewelry to a jeweler for a professional cleaning and polishing once or twice a year.

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