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leBebé Le Lune silver pendant with rose plating

  • Product Code: SNM012
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
212.00 лв.

The entire collection of necklaces for pregnant women leBebé Suonamore is entirely designed to create a feeling of closeness between mother and child. During pregnancy, the medallion makes gentle rattling sounds that soothe the baby. After birth, the click of the locket will create a feeling of security and peace in the baby.

The silver necklace is shaped as a full moon of 925 sterling silver and pink plating. The decoration includes fine silhouettes of a girl and a boy - a trademark of the Italian brand leBebé.


Medallion: silver with open silhouettes on the periphery and pink gilding.

Chain: silver with heart-shaped leBebé logo.

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