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Emerald is the birthstone of May

02.05.2023 07:43

Emerald is the birthstone of May

The birthstone of May is characterized by lush green color - the shade of the spring. Emerald jewelry is the perfect birthday gift for a woman born in the fifth month of the year. This stone is also given as a gift for the 20th or 35th wedding anniversary.

Cleopatra's stone

Emerald jewelry was worn by the richest and noblest people of antiquity. Egyptians, Indians, Israelis revered this stone as one of the most powerful in the universe. Emeralds often adorned the clothes of rulers, and later accompanied them on their way to the afterlife.

The emerald is believed to be one of the stones that God gave to King Solomon. However, the most popular fan of emeralds remains Cleopatra. The Egyptian queen not only owned piles of emerald jewelry, but was also the patron of the richest mines in the country.

The symbolism of the emerald

The lush green glow of ancient emerald jewelry probably awakened the association with nature and spring. The emerald was often considered a symbol of fertility, good health and a new beginning. Like the reviving earth, the man who wore emerald jewelry could feel the calming and energizing effect of the green stone.

Emeralds are often associated with wisdom. Emerald was believed to help with insomnia and strengthen memory. Long before the blue bead became a talisman against spells, the ancients believed that emerald jewelry would protect them from evil spirits.

Emerald jewelry

Emerald is one of the four most expensive stones in the world. Along with diamonds, rubies and sapphires, he closes the "big four" of the most prestigious stones in jewelry. Part of the reason for this is exceptional endurance. It has a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Moss scale.

Due to its strong, dominant color, emerald is not easily combined with other stones. The most common combination is between emeralds and diamonds, as well as emeralds and zircons. The neutral colorless luster of these stones allows the bright green to stand out without the colors fighting each other. 


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