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Jewelry that goes with the Belissima purple Very Peri color of 2022

15.12.2021 14:39

Jewelry that goes with the Belissima purple Very Peri color of 2022

You can easily recognize us by the gentle purple shade, which includes generous doses of blue and red. The color is located at the end of the cold palette, right on the border with the warm. It combines the most beautiful shades of both scales. It is also a symbolic union of masculine and feminine, traditionally associated with the blue and the red color. 

This is the reason why our team is especially excited about the choice of the Pantone Color Academy for a special color of 2022. The Very Peri is extremely close to our own corporate color. It is a combination of soft blue base, mixed with violet red. Pantone defines it as a new interpretation of the classic blue. The velvety matte finish is in perfect harmony with the purple shades that help achieve this dense color. This special shade is dynamic and inspiring. It provokes creative thinking and exudes confidence and playfulness.

Traditionally, purple is a little harder to combine with colors due to its strong presence. He is the so-called accent color and hard to match with other strong shades around you. However, when it comes to jewelry, your choice is wide. Very Peri is sure to find a place in your wardrobe. Due to the relatively equal blue and red color in it, you can combine it with both silver and gold, with blue and purple stones.

Here's how to combine the color of 2022 Very Peri with jewelry:

Silver jewelry and crystals

Belissima purple shades go well with both silver and gold jewelry. If you are looking for a more refined and sophisticated silhouette, it is best to opt for silver jewelry as well as jewelry with crystals. They fit perfectly into the dual nature of Veri Perry and give the outfit a finished and classic look. The combination is especially suitable for ladies with cooler skin tones.

Given the strength of the color, it is advisable to keep jewelry to a minimum. It is a good idea to bet on accent jewelry. Choose a large silver necklace studded with stones for a strapless dress or a voluminous bracelet for an architectural neckline that does not tolerate necklaces.

White gold or yellow gold?

As the color of 2022 goes well with silver, it will go well with white gold jewelry. If you are looking for a slightly more colorful, provocative and playful look, you can bet on yellow gold jewelry. The "less is more" rule applies again. Rather, look for accent jewelry without or with stones that will not remain hidden in the overall look. Pair with accessories with a golden metallic sheen to complete the outfit.


Very Peri will certainly be in harmony with colorless stones such as crystals, zircons and diamonds. But what other options do we have? For a neutral and classic look, you can always bet on pearls. Among other things, they remain relevant in the current autumn-winter season. In all likelihood, they will be fashionable next year as well. Opal and white quartz are also present in the neutral range, which will also fit perfectly with the purple color of the year.

Other attractive options are:

- Jewelry with rose quartz - its shade is in the same family as the color of 2022. The hardware can be made of steel, silver, white or yellow gold. It is important to stick to individual jewelry with the same stone, including in terms of shade. This will avoid the accumulation of colors that stand out against the strong purple color.

- Tanzanite could also be a great addition to your outfit. Its color can vary from purple to blue and will still harmonize well with Very Peri.

- Sapphires in the upcoming 2022 will be more in shades of purple, between sapphire and ruby ​​- two stones from the same family, which often flow from one to another.

- Spinel is commonly known as a red stone resembling a ruby. However, spinels in shades of lavender, violet and blue are also found in nature. We will meet them in combination with Very Peri.

- Amethyst is known as the birthstone of the month of February. However, we will see it throughout the year. The attractive reddish-purple sheen of the various amethyst jewelry will match perfectly with the color of 2022.


Ladies whose style is more provocative and daring will probably look for a way to create a contrasting look through their jewelry. In this case, Very Peri could be the feminine foundation on which to build a more emotionally aggressive outfit. An interesting idea is to combine purple with dark rubies or even dark emerald in oily green. The combination between Very Peri and black diamond, black opal, onyx and obsidian will also be excellent. Their depth will play the role of a strong but neutral accent.


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