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Belissima Vip offers to all its clients the following services:

  • size correction
  • jewel embroidery
  • engraving
  • jewel making accorting to client's design
  • stone fixing
  • cleaning
  • polishing
  • other repairs

Special advice and care for your jewels

Belisiam Vip jewels are fine and valuable. In order to preserve their natural beauty and clear shine, it is necessary to take care of them. Here are some pieces of advice which if followed you will have clean, shiny and unspoiled jewels for good.  

Always take off your jewels when you take a bath, wash the dishes, do some mechanical work or sports. Chemicals, abbrasives or sweat can spoil the the surface and the shine of the jewel and event the wholeness of it.

Always put your jelwels last - after your cosmetics, perfume and clothes.

Be really careful when you take off your ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet becase some of the precious stones might fall out.

Keep your jewels separately in appropriate box with compartments or individual pouches.

Keep diamonds separately. A diamond can scratch a diamond.

Diamonds are not meant to be worn when doing physical work. There is the possibility for the crown holding the diamond to get loose and you to lose the diamond.

After you've worn your jewels, clean them carefully with a damp cloth to remove all oils, salt and sweat from them.

All stones must be wiped with a damp cloth. Some of them, such as pearls or corals, can absorbe chemichals and soap which цан lead to losing their colour.

Remember that precious stones with level of hardness 7 or less can get scratch.

Every six months visit Belissima Vip's shops in order to have your jewels professionally examined, cleaned or repaired.