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Sparkling sapphire - birthstone of September

02.09.2021 12:21

Sparkling sapphire - birthstone of September

Sapphire is one of the hardest stones in the world. It ranks second after the diamond with category 9 on the Moss scale. However, this is not the most unusual thing related to the favorite birthday stone in September. Because of its deep blue color, it is associated with both royalty and sages and the clergy. is a variation of the mineral corundum like the ruby. Traditionally, the color of sapphire varies from light to dark blue. However, there are sapphires in other colors - pink, yellow, orange, green. The blue color is due to the content of iron and titanium. Pink sapphires contain chromium. They are distinguished from rubies by the amount of chromium and color saturation.

One of the curious facts about the sapphire is related to its name. We find the same sound in the Latin word sapphirus, as well as in the Greek σαπφειρος (sapeiros) and the Hebrew word סַפִּיר (sapir). They are believed to be derived from the Sanskrit word Sanipriya, which means "sacred to Saturn" in a literal translation. This theory is supported by the ancient Hindu belief that if a person wears sapphire jewelry, he will receive the favor of Saturn.

In ancient times, of the sapphire  had rich symbolism . On the one hand, it is a relatively rare stone that was available mainly to the nobility. On the other hand - its durability and unadulterated brilliance made it the perfect sign of the high rank of the man who wears sapphire jewelry. In Hinduism, sapphires are often used in various rituals. The stone is also considered healing, and in some cultures it has been used for pain and severe stress. 

In folk tradition, sapphires have been used to predict the future. It was believed that the deep blue of this stone was a source of wisdom and connected with the divine beginning. 


In addition to the birthstone in September, the sapphire also has symbols in terms of marriage. Sapphire jewelry is given as a gift to the 5th, 10th, 45th wedding anniversary. The 70th anniversary is called "Sapphire Jubilee". Nowadays, sapphire engagement rings continue to be popular. The source of this trend is believed to be Princess Diana's engagement ring, which has also become Kate Middleton's engagement ring. Mostly, however, engagement rings with colored stones are given for the purpose of individualism and escape from more prosaic traditions. 


Sapphire is a hard and durable stone. There is no need to worry that you can easily scratch or damage its surface. This makes all jewelry with sapphire suitable for everyday wear, such as an engagement ring with sapphire, a necklace with sapphire, a bracelet with sapphire ... However, it is important to keep in mind that this stone can damage other jewelry. Therefore, it should be stored separately, if possible in a soft box or bag. & Nbsp;

Protect your jewelry with acid sapphires and place the jewelry after all the cosmetics , creams and perfumes are already well absorbed into the skin. Keep in mind that gemstones do not like large temperature amplitudes. & Nbsp;

Sapphire jewelry is relatively easy to clean. You need mild dish soap and lukewarm water. You can use a fine toothbrush to remove dirt. It is good for high-quality and designer jewelry with precious stones to be cleaned and inspected by a jeweler at least once a year. 


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