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Taking care of diamond jewelry

06.04.2023 09:17

Taking care of diamond jewelry

The diamond is famous for being the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth . Nothing can cut a diamond except ... another diamond. However, this does not mean that your diamond jewelry does not need special maintenance. On the contrary! If you want your beautiful engagement ring with a diamond or diamond necklace to retain its brilliance and sparkling beauty, then you still need to take some care of them.

DIAMONDS are an investment!
Their price usually grows over time. Just like the Ferrari. "Beautiful and quality diamond jewelry is a value to bequeath to your children." The best thing is that diamond jewelry usually retains its style and never goes out of style. br>


in diamonds is pollution. These stones are extremely difficult to scratch, but on the other hand they are like a "magnet" for dirt. The natural fat from your skin sticks extremely easily to the surface of the stone. The accumulation of fatty deposits leads to the accumulation of dust, fibers, pollen and other fine particles. As a result, the brilliance of a beautiful diamond ring or diamond necklace looks somehow ... dimmed. & Nbsp;

Our advice to all our customers is to put on their jewelry first before leaving. It is important that all possible cosmetics you use are already well absorbed into the skin. This avoids the accumulation of fat from your hand cream on the diamond ring, for example. Or transferring the oils from your perfume to your beautiful diamond necklace. When you put the jewelry on, you finally avoid the risk of damaging the jewelry or damaging your clothes with it. & Nbsp;

Avoid touching the jewelry with your fingers. For many women, this is a habit caused by a stressful situation. Some ladies touch their jewelry unconsciously when they think or delve into a task. Others reluctantly reach out when they are impatient, waiting for the person on the other end of the phone line to pick up or get their turn in line. These small habits have a negative impact on both your jewelry and your clothes in general. Try to fight them. & Nbsp;


All silver jewelry, gold jewelry and diamond jewelry are subject to cleaning. At least once a year, it is recommended that high-quality jewelry be given to a professional jeweler for cleaning. However, you can routinely do it at home. You need a mild dishwashing detergent. Put a drop of vero in lukewarm water. This type of preparation has a specific action against fats. You can also use a super fine and soft toothbrush (new, unused). Gently remove any traces of dirt with gentle movements. & Nbsp;

Such cleaning is especially suitable for your engagement ring or diamond ring, which you wear daily or at least often. First, the rings get a lot more dirty because we wear them on our hands. Second, we wear them longer and more often than necklaces, bracelets and earrings. & Nbsp;

Be especially careful when cleaning old jewelry. The diamond may not have changed its structure, but the fitting may have weakened in places.

chemicals, chlorine or abrasives.
They can damage the casing and weaken the attachment of the diamond.
In addition, they can damage the overall appearance of your jewelry.


As already mentioned, diamonds are difficult to scratch. However, it is important to store each piece of jewelry separately, as diamonds can scratch other diamonds and other stones. It is best to get a special jewelry box with separate compartments and velvet cover. Another option is to store the jewelry in the original packaging or in separate boxes. & Nbsp;

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