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What is a pregnancy pendant and how it works?

10.09.2021 09:48

What is a pregnancy pendant and how it works?

Undoubtedly, the first pregnancy is one of the most special stages of a woman's life. Every moment, every experience is first, unknown and unique. The first, and each subsequent pregnancy is a period in which the woman has the opportunity to create an inseparable and unique relationship with her unborn child. And it can endow him with the first cares for his future development.

It is believed that the baby begins to distinguish and respond to noises between the 22nd and 26th week of pregnancy. This is also the period in which it is important to introduce the child to different sounds that will help him develop his hearing properly. Experts recommend that you start talking to him, playing soothing music. By the end of the pregnancy, the baby will begin to recognize your voices. And it will probably begin to associate the beautiful music of their tones with comfort and safety.

In many ancient cultures it is customary to wear special pendants at this stage of pregnancy. They call them "Bola Pendant", "Harmony Ball" and "Angel Caller". Similar pendants for pregnant women have been distributed among the great indigenous cultures of America, Indonesia and others. They were spheres with metal beads in them, which were carried on a long chain. It was believed that this pendant called the guardian angels to watch over the mother and her unborn child. Subsequently, the medallion was placed in the child's basket to protect him from evil forces.

Pregnancy pendants today

Nowadays, special pendants for pregnant women are gaining wide popularity again. Apart from being a talisman charged with love, they also have a purely practical purpose. The sphere itself rests on the mother's pregnant belly. In this way, with each movement, the baby hears the gentle sounds of the rattling sphere. Day after day, the baby gets used to this sound. After birth, it will bring him a sense of security and safety. Many parents use the sound of a pain locket to soothe and put the baby to sleep.

Many young mothers say that their medallion for pregnant women has helped them cope with stress. Gentle rattling helps to stimulate movement. In addition, the symbolism of the pain medallion has an emotional impact on the pregnant woman. He reminds her that he will soon embrace his child for the first time. In addition, the daily worn gold or silver medallion does not fail to make you slow down, calm down and indulge in a harmonious dream of the upcoming meeting.

Pregnancy pendants as a gift

The special medallion for pregnant women is an ideal gift for a baby shawar. A silver or gold locket can also be a great gift from the future father to his beloved wife. Such silver and gold jewelry are also a great family heirloom to pass on to your child when the time comes for him to become a parent himself.

Pregnancy pendants leBebé Suonamore

As an authorized representative of the leBebé brand, it is impossible for us at Belissima to hide our great love for the Suonamore collection of pendants for pregnant women. Each silver necklace in the series is a jewelry masterpiece, combining the rich spiritual symbolism of the family with the skillful jewelry of the Italian brand. In the collection you will find medallions for pregnant women in the form of a pacifier, sphere, moon and heart. What is your style, you can choose yourself!


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