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Ruby – the stone of leaders and creative individuals. This is also the stone of eternal love. It is given as a token of the strength of the feelings and the depth of the relationship. Ruby stone is related with the energy of Venus, Mars and the Sun.


Granate – the red precious stone of passionate love. It is also a symbol of the family warmth and intransience.The grante stone can be found in various palates of natural colors - red, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, pink, black or colourless.


Sapphire – the stone of happiness and calmness. The stone influences effective communication and stimulates intuition.


Aquamarine – "the living” stone. In the light of the candle the shades of green and blue start sparkling as if dancing. The aquamarine stone is the stone of real friendship and courage.


Labradorite – the stone of strong individuality. It is found in sea blue, forest green and golden sunset colour.


lazuritLazurite – the blue stone of positive mindset. It is connected with unexpected surprises, joy and luck.


ХАЛЦЕДОНChalcedony – the stone of holiness. The colour varies from thick blue to blue with pink and gray shades.


АmazoniteAmazonite – the stone of feminine individuality. It is a symbol of the nature, beauty and strength of the woman. When looking at the rays of the rising or setting of the sun the colours of the amazonite stone become alive.


turquoiseTurquoise – the stone of personal happiness. It brings prosperity in all aspects of life to its wearer. The turquoise stone when it is light blue is referred to power, authority and justice. The stone in green expresses the achievements of those who are ambitious.


Jadeite – the stone of reason. It helps people be more balanced and sensible.


Chrysolite – the precious stone of the law. It is a symbol of the triumph of peace and love.


emeraldEmerald – the green stone of kings. It is a precious stone for top managers or people that achieved financial independence and rule their own life.



Peridot – the summer stone. It helps recovering from physical and emotional hurts.


adventurerAvanturine – the stone of positive thinking, inner strength and self-discipline.



Malachite – the stone of luxury and magnificence.


tourmalineTourmaline – the stone of artistic creativity.


CORALCoral – the stone of the ocean deep. The black coral protects from bad luck and the pink one brings good health.


topazTopaz – the stone of physical beauty. It is a perfect present for any occasion.


citrineCitrine – the stone of light, joy and good mood.


AMBERAmber – the tears of the sun.


smoked-quartzSmoky quartz – the stone that removes negative energy.


OBSIDIANObsidian – the eye of the volcano.


hematiteTourmaline – the soother of emotions.


ONYXOnyx – the stone of clear of and purpose and persevering individuals.


carnelianCarnelian – the stone of motivation and endurance, leadership and courage.


ametistAmethyist – the stone of peace and equilibrium. It is a spiritual stone.


diamondDiamond – the king’s jewel. This is the perfect precious stone.


ZIRCONZircon – the stone of wisdom.


pearlPearl – nature’s tear of happiness.


opalOpal – the stone of dreamers and adventurers.


jasperJasper – the stone of desires and inspirations.


alexandriteAlexandrite – the stone of jewelers. It is very rare and very valuable.


agateAgate – the stone of merchants and traders.