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Zircon - one of the three December birthstones

02.12.2021 08:53

Zircon - one of the three December birthstones

Fine blue glow, like a gentle reflection of moonlight on frost. This is how we determine each of the three birthstones that are relevant in December. They are turquoise, zircon and tanzanite. And although their colors are not in sync with the bright holiday decorations, their bright imprint makes them the perfect jewel for the holiday celebration.

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As for zirconium, it is often confused with cubic zirconia. The first one is a natural and independent semi-precious stone. The second is a laboratory-produced crystal. Both are used as a budget equivalent for making diamond jewelry.

However, natural zircon itself is beautiful and bright. It is a silicate mineral that is found in different shades of yellow, red, green, blue and gray. Most often, however, in the manufacture of jewelry with zircons, colorless stones are used because they resemble diamonds.

The glamorous zircon

According to some sources, the name of this stone comes from the Persian word "zargun", which means "golden stone". Others associate it with the Arabic word "cinnabar" - a mineral from which bright red dye is extracted. Given the abundance of shades in which zircons shine, each of these explanations sounds logical. The most interesting thing, however, is that zirconium is one of the oldest natural minerals on Earth. They are thought to have formed more than 4 billion years ago.

Zircon is one of the hardest stones in jewelry. Its hardness is 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Only diamonds, rubies, sapphires and topaz surpass it. This makes zircons ideal for making silver and gold jewelry, as the stone is durable, including for everyday wear.

Beliefs related to zircon jewelry

In Hinduism, the zircon is one of the nine sacred stones. It was believed that if a person wore jewelry with all nine of them, they would protect him from disease, bring him wisdom and wealth.

Traditional medicine also honors the zircon as an extremely healing gemstone. It is believed that it helps detoxify the body and fights inflammatory processes. As for his spiritual power, it was often recommended to wear zircon jewelry by mourners in mourning. It was believed that this stone influenced man by motivating and inspiring him.

In the Middle Ages and Victorian England, a variety of jewelry with zircons were especially popular. Gold jewelry from this era is still in the British crown's collection.

Care for jewelry with zircons

Due to its hardness, zirconium is a suitable stone, including for everyday jewelry. Due to the lower value of stones, they are often the preferred option over diamonds in terms of gold and silver jewelry for frequent use. Traditionally, silver jewelry with zircons is made in the form of clusters. This technique of "sprinkling" with zircons is used both in the manufacture of silver earrings and in addition to silver and gold rings with colored stones.

Despite the strength of zirconium, it is good to remove jewelry when doing housework, playing sports, sunbathing or gardening. High temperature amplitudes can damage the glittering birthstone of December. In extreme heat or strong sunlight, you may notice a change in color. We remind you that all silver and gold jewelry is recommended to be removed in the shower to avoid so far with cosmetics, perfumes and cleaners.

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Cleaning zircon jewelry at home is not prohibited. You can clean the jewelry with lukewarm water and mild soap. If the jewelry has many small stones, you must be careful not to damage the inlay. If you notice a missing stone, contact a professional jeweler for repair.

Once a year, it is recommended that high-quality designer jewelry be cleaned by a specialist.


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